Business Support for Freelancers

Signposting creative freelancers to existing business support.

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Help and support if you’re self-employed

Watch videos, sign up for email alerts and register for free webinars to get help if you're running your own business.

Back to the Future Labs

A series of solutions-focussed conversations between freelancers and organisations to find ways to support freelancers through the current crisis, employ as many as possible in the reopening of theatres, and include us in shaping the future of our industry.

Creative freelancers missing out on business support

After the turmoil of Covid-19, policymakers are taking interest in a new report that categorises creative freelancers based on their motivations - and what support will help them most.

David Thomas Media

A list of resources composed by David Thomas Media, which focus on mental wellbeing and financial wellbeing.

UAL: Freelance and business support

Are you interested in working for yourself? Do you have an idea for a creative business? Our enterprise team can support you with many aspects of setting up and running a successful business or freelance practice.

We provide:

  • Online business resources and events

  • Enterprise one-to-ones

  • Opportunities to showcase and sell your work

  • Funding and awards

  • Guidance on how to protect your intellectual property (IP)